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Breathalyzer Alcovisor Mark X+ Breathalyzer Alcovisor Mark X+
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The AlcoVisor® Mark X+ is a hand-held, micro-processor driven, breath alcohol testing instrument using a precision platinum electrochemical fuel cell. Fuel cells (electrochemical sensors) as used in the Alcovisor Mark X+, are used in all Police grade breathalysers due to their high accuracy and abil..
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Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
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Alcovisor® Deimos is an extremely technologically advanced breathalyzer that allows you to perform measurements using a mouthpiece or a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece). The device uses a high-class electrochemical sensor from a reputable European manufacturer as a measuring cell, which reacts onl..
768.00 zł
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