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    Breathalyzer Alcovisor Mark X+

Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos

Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
New Bestseller
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
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  • Model: AL-C4-DEIMOS
  • EAN: 5907222598542
  • Weight: 117.00g
  • Dimensions: 37.00mm x 37.00mm x 120.00mm

Alcovisor® Deimos is an extremely technologically advanced breathalyzer that allows you to perform measurements using a mouthpiece or a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece).

The device uses a high-class electrochemical sensor from a reputable European manufacturer as a measuring cell, which reacts only and exclusively to alcohol molecules. The results are displayed in the range of 0.000 to 4.500 ‰ with a resolution of up to two decimal places.

A great advantage is the possibility for the user to change the alarm threshold, beyond which the color of the digits on the display changes and the optical signaling illuminates the mouthpiece / cap.

The breathalyzer has a special system for checking the proper operation of the tester and all sensors including air flow and exceeding the working temperature range of the tester, which protect the device against damage due to improper operation.

The device is characterized by a durable housing made of ABS plastic and a simple operation. Measurements can be made in either automatic or manual mode. Manual mode can be used eg. when the test person is not able to blow out the required amount of air.

Deimos is powered by a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery. It can be charged using the USB cable, which is included in the kit. The breathalyzer is equipped with an indication of low supply voltage and an automatic cut-off function that allows to reduce battery consumption.

Deimos is perfect for controlling the sobriety of employees in small, medium and large companies. Recommended also for demanding individual users who value solid workmanship as well as high accuracy and repeatability of measurements.


  • Electrochemical sensor from a renowned European manufacturer
  • Large color screen with supplementary indications
  • Wide measuring range 0.000 ~ 4.500 ‰
  • Alarm signaling after exceeding the threshold of 0.20‰ (with the option of changing by the user)
  • Two sampling modes: mouthpiece or funnel cap
  • Two measurement modes: automatic and manual
  • Pneumatic system of feeding a precisely defined air sample to the sensor
  • Low voltage indication and auto-off function
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
Basic information
Sensor type Fuell Cell
Measurement range 0.000 – 4.500 ‰
Measurement units ‰ (promile), % BAC, g/100mL, g/L, mg/100ml, mg/ml, ug/100mL
*Possibility to change the measuring unit by the service. Factory setting: ‰ per mille.
Display resolution 0.01 ‰
Accuracy of indications ±0.1‰ dla 1.00‰ in temperature 25°C
*For a correctly calibrated device.
Alarm threshold 0.20 (possibility to change the threshold)
Sampling time ± 5 seconds
Time to prepare for work ± 10 seconds
*Time to prepare the device for the first measurement.
Measurement modes Fast - with a passive sample cup
Normal - with a mouthpiece
Working conditions 0 ~ +40°C, humidity up to 95% RH
Storage conditions -20°C ~ +85°C - without batteries, humidity up to 95% RH
Power source 1800mAh 3.7V lithium battery
Possibility of power supply from 230VAC / 12VDC mains adapter
Possibility of power supply from the car lighter socket
Possibility of power supply from the USB
Automatic power off After 3 min
Display 1.3" TFT, colour screen display
Housing ABS, impact resistant
Memory 100 measurement records
cc No
Cooperation with a printer No
Warranty 2 years
Free calibration 12 months
Recommended calibration Every 6 months or 300 measurements (whichever comes first)
Set includes Pouch
user manual in Polish
USB cable for charging connection
Sample cap - 1 pc
Mouthpiece - 1 pc
Warranty card
Cooperation with the application Medium and small companies, personal use, screening
USB port For connecting an external power supply
Sampling mode Automatic
Battery discharge indication Yes
Complementary indications Mouthpiece illumination depending on the result (green / red)
Changing the color of the digits on the display (green / yellow / red)
Certificates and approvals CE

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