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Fuel Cell Breathalyzers

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BACscan® Mobile is a smart and versatile alcohol tester as it can utilize two mode - working alone or working with app. With app-enabled feature, AFM-P3 enables the user to understand his drinking patterns and make smart drinking decisions. FEATURES Fuel cell sensor - provides accurate and..
399.00 zł
Ex Tax:324.39 zł
Breathalyzer BACscan F-65 Breathalyzer BACscan F-65
New Bestseller
F65 is a leader in the class of breathalyzers for personal use and sobriety control of employees in small, medium and large companies. It is based on an extremely accurate and stable electrochemical sensor from a renowned British manufacturer.The advantage of the device is a durable housing made of ..
450.00 zł
Ex Tax:365.85 zł
Breathalyzer BACscan F-55 Breathalyzer BACscan F-55
New Bestseller
F55 is a combination of elegant design and modern measurement technology based on an electrochemical sensor.The breathalyzer is characterized by high accuracy and repeatability. The results are displayed in permille with a resolution to hundredths. The device is equipped with optical and sound signa..
411.00 zł
Ex Tax:334.15 zł
Breathalyzer BACscan F-45 Comfort Breathalyzer BACscan F-45 Comfort
New Bestseller
Model F45 Comfort to wysokiej klasy alkomat bazujący na platynowym, sensorze elektrochemicznym. Charakteryzują go niewielkie wymiary oraz sensor reagujący tylko na alkohol etylowy, dzięki czemu nie ma możliwości zafałszowania wyników przez inne czynniki lub substancje. Wyniki wyświetlane są n..
318.00 zł
Ex Tax:258.54 zł
Breathalyzer BACscan F-45 Breathalyzer BACscan F-45
New Bestseller Online Only
The BACscan® F-45 is a personal & professional use alcohol tester with extremely high-reliability. It is the perfect choice for anyone - from individuals and businesses to professional groups. It measures estimated B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Content) in human breath by means of a fuel cell sens..
322.00 zł
Ex Tax:261.79 zł
BACscan® F-40 is a personal & professional use alcohol tester with extremely high-reliability. It is the perfect choice for anyone - from individuals and businesses to professional groups. F-40 can be used in hospitals, schools and many other industrial fields. It measures estimated B.A.C (Blood..
288.00 zł
Ex Tax:234.15 zł
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Mark X+ Breathalyzer Alcovisor Mark X+
New Featured
The AlcoVisor® Mark X+ is a hand-held, micro-processor driven, breath alcohol testing instrument using a precision platinum electrochemical fuel cell. Fuel cells (electrochemical sensors) as used in the Alcovisor Mark X+, are used in all Police grade breathalysers due to their high accuracy and abil..
987.00 zł
Ex Tax:802.44 zł
Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos Breathalyzer Alcovisor Deimos
New Bestseller
Alcovisor® Deimos is an extremely technologically advanced breathalyzer that allows you to perform measurements using a mouthpiece or a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece). The device uses a high-class electrochemical sensor from a reputable European manufacturer as a measuring cell, which reacts onl..
768.00 zł
Ex Tax:624.39 zł
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